P or prostatic orgasm

P or prostatic orgasm

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  • 1 What is the prostate?
  • 2 The prostate massage
  • 3 steps to perform a prostate massage
  • 4 Benefits of prostate massage
  • 5 It is still a sexual taboo

What is the prostate?

The prostate is a gland that is part of the male reproductive system and which is attached to the bladder and urethra. Its main function is to produce the whitish and viscous liquid where sperm floats known as semen float. Its shape is similar to a nut and with proper stimulation can provide orgasms that, those who have tried them, say that they are more intense than those that can be achieved with penile stimulation. In fact, there are those who consider the prostate the male G spot for its similarity with this feminine zone when it comes to giving pleasure.

The sexologist Roy Levin conducted a study at the University of Sheffield and published in the journal "Clinical Anatomy" which aimed to learn more about the prostate and its role in both human reproduction and sexual satisfaction and concluded that the stimulation of this gland can "Create exceptionally pleasurable sensations, often surpassing those obtained with penile stimulation". Although the mechanisms by which this sensation occurs are not entirely clear, there is a hypothesis that the sensations are transmitted by the nerves that run through the outer surface of the gland area also called the prostate plexus, therefore, it is suggested that this type of Orgasm occurs by the innervation of the prostate itself or that some training is even needed to achieve it. Socially we find many reluctance when studying this type of orgasm, so there is still much to discover about the prostate and its orgasm.

The prostate massage

It is a type of massage in which the male prostate gland is stimulated. Prostate massage can be done for a medical purpose, such as to discover a possible prostatitis (type of infection very common among men) or to obtain sexual pleasure.

This type of massage allows to discharge fluids without the need for orgasms or ejaculation although with its stimulation The most common is that orgasm and ejaculation are triggered without any other genital stimulation. To perform the prostate massage a finger or stimulator must be introduced through the wall of the rectum and this will cause exceptionally pleasant sensations to men. For many men, orgasm may be greater than what you get with penile stimulation

Steps to perform a prostate massage

This type of stimulation brings great benefits to the recipient, but there are some basic steps to be able to do it optimally. To make a prostate massage you can use your finger or a massager, the shape of these massagers is similar to a finger with a gentle curvature to stimulate the gland.

The massage should be done by gently rubbing with the index finger the sides of the lobes located on the sides of the prostate and being careful not to press the nerves of the center too much. Once the finger is inserted gently, it should be found with an elongated structure that is the prostate, The technique is to perform a gentle massage with the finger for a few minutes until ejaculation occurs.

Knowing and following the correct technique is vital to properly perform this type of massage, here are some steps to perform it in the right way

  1. recommendable empty bladder and rectum: If the man can urinate and defecate before the massage this can be done with more comfort
  2. Short nails, the walls of the rectum are very delicate and introducing the finger could cause injuries.
  3. Use of lubricant. If it is anal better since it usually has a relaxing effect.
  4. Get the most comfortable position. You have to be very comfortable and relaxed to perform the massage properly.

Benefits of prostate massage

In addition to providing great pleasure this massage provides an infinite number of benefits.

  • It allows the release of prostate fluid which prevents symptoms of inflammation of the prostate
  • It helps the healthy functioning of the prostate
  • Avoid the accumulation of kidney stones, a stimulation of this gland will produce more urination.
  • It helps to improve fertility because it helps make sperm and increase their mobility.
  • Improves the orgasmic response of men, increasing the time of erection.

It is still a sexual taboo

Having orgasms through the prostate for many people is still a great taboo, since it seems that in men you can only have orgasms with penile stimulation. But this organ can add other experiences to sexual games and open the door to very pleasant but less known sensations.

A whole world to discover where you just have to have an open mind and dare to try new things.


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