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Two masons are divided into two parts a lot of 100 bricks. As the work is very late, they do not want to waste time counting bricks so they distribute them by eye so that each one has more or less half.

The first mason has to place them in rows of 5 bricks while the second places them in columns of 7 bricks.

When they finish, the first one has two bricks left that he cannot place and the second one has left 4.

How many bricks did each one take?


From the bricks left over to each one and the provisions they make, we see that there are three possible solutions that add up to 100 bricks: 82-18, 12-88 and 47-53.

Since approximately half of bricks are distributed each, we see that the quantities of the first two solutions are far from half, so the correct answer is that one bricklayer had 47 bricks and the other 53.