Theft in the parking lot

Theft in the parking lot

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In a public parking lot where yellow, white and red cars were parked, there were twice as many yellow cars as white and twice as white as red.

Some thieves entered the parking lot and stole several cars. They stole as many yellows as reds left intact.

The red cars without stealing were three times more numerous than the stolen whites and there were as many white cars as red without stealing.

How many red cars were stolen?


According to the statement we have to:
Total number of red cars = x
Number of yellow cars looted = y
Total number of white cars = 2x
Total number of yellow cars = 2 * 2x = 4x
Number of yellow cars not looted = 4x-y
Number of white cars looted = 4x-y
Number of red cars not looted = y
Number of white cars not looted = y
Total number of white cars = (1/3) (4x-y) + y = 2x
Then x = y
Therefore no red car was stolen.