The white kiss, a risky sexual practice

The white kiss, a risky sexual practice

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Within the infinity of existing sexual practices there are some that are known by very few. These can be very pleasant but also very harmful to the health of those who perform them if there are no precautions. It is vitally important to know the risks involved and within the practices with more risks we find the so-called white kiss. The white kiss or snowballing is a very little known sexual game that carries more risks than it seems. It is for daring people who want to add a plus to their sexual experiences.


  • 1 What is the white kiss?
  • 2 The risks of the white kiss
  • 3 Can you practice white kiss safely?

What is the white kiss?

This sexual entertainment consists of perform oral sex on a man and let him ejaculate inside his partner's mouth, which will immediately return his semen to the same man or a third person through a kiss. This action has become quite popular in recent years because it is very common in pornographic Internet pages. The practice has drawn attention especially to the younger population. So contrary to what it may seem, there are many people who consume orgy porn and hard sex following the white kiss.

Those who practice snowballing say that this allows to exchange the passive role of the person who has made fellatio to a dominant role. Those who participate in sexual trios often use this game to unite all the members. Thus, it is a practice that takes a lot of daring and confidence in the other person to do it.

The risks of the white kiss

The problem is that a game with many health risks and almost no one knows. Oral sex without a condom is not a safe practice since any small wound in the mouth or genitals can cause the spread of a Sexually Transmitted Infection such as herpes, syphilis or the HIV virus. Semen contact with the mucous membranes of the person who performs oral sex is already dangerous even before ejaculation, due to pre-seminal fluid, so we should not practice this game if we have occasional lovers or if we are not sure if our partner is faithful to us or if we don't know his sexual past.

Can you practice the white kiss safely?

Any practice in which there is fluid exchange, whether sexual or not, does not cease to pose health risks, so it is very difficult to perform the white kiss safely.

If any lesion or wart is seen on the genitals, the practice should immediately be discontinued, as well as if you have any sores or wounds in your mouth or lips. When in doubt it is better not to put yourself in danger and look for other ways to play.

If you still want to experience the white kiss we leave a series of tips:

  • Do not practice the white kiss right after brushing your teeth because if the gums bleed, the risk of infection multiplies.
  • If we detect the slightest abnormality or imperfection in the genital organ it is better not to perform the practice.
  • You have to know very well the health status of the couple, as well as proceed quickly to perform the kiss and rinse your mouth very well after doing so.
  • As exciting as it may be, health must never be put into play for a few minutes of pleasure or to think that how we love our partner, nothing will happen to us for practicing it.
  • Performing oral sex with a condom is the best option, especially if dealing with someone with several sexual partners. Even so, it is best to have criteria to decide with whom and how to do it.

Many people may find the white kiss exciting, although it is not necessary to enjoy sex. This fluid exchange was thought to be harmless for a long time, but it is a practice of high risk when it comes to the transmission of a sexually transmitted infection since the chances of contagion are only surpassed by coitus

When it comes to practicing sex there are postures and games for all tastes, experimenting is individual responsibility. The shared sex must be agreed with the couple and know the true risks that each practice has.

Practicing unfinished oral sex in our partner's mouth has fewer risks, although pre-seminal fluid can be released that will also have the same consequences. Swallowing the semen is also dangerous as there may be lesions in the throat that increase the risk of infection.

If you want to make sex with strangers it is better to opt for other sex games that are not the white kiss. Oral sex must be carried out safely in order to avoid possible diseases, always with a condom, and ensure a safe and satisfactory sexuality and leave the white kiss for stable and trustworthy couples.