101 phrases of personal development, essential

101 phrases of personal development, essential

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Phrases to inspire you and help you overcome barriers. Build the path of a fuller life starting today with this fantastic collection of personal development phrases.

The best personal development phrases

Only the most excellent sages and the most finished fools are incomprehensible. Confucius

Do what you fear and continue to do so, don't stop. That is the best way to conquer fear. Give Carnegie

Do you worry so much, that you even worry about worrying too much? If you only worry about what will happen tomorrow, when will you have time to live today?

I have the intelligence to accept that I was wrong, the ability to correct it, and the strength to get up.

To face a problem you have to look straight ahead, without fear of looking for the solution. Even if the whole world leaves you, remember that you always have yourself.

I achieve what I want because I want what I achieve.

Insecurity grips you to such an extent that you can be, being a brilliant person, a scumbag.

Insecurity: it is normal, if you are busy with other things you will not feel so much fear, get out of your comfort zone. Act x 10. There is no action that is not accompanied by many other actions; if you act x 10, the fear will disappear.

We can know more about a person from what she says about others than from what others say about her. Emerson

Always keep in mind that: He who limps, still walks.

Many times the smallest details are what make us happier.

Stay away from people trying to dwarf your ambitions. Little people always do that, but really big people make you feel that you can be big too.

Instead of cursing the place where you fell, you should look for what made you slip.

Happiness is not to do what one wants but to want what one does. Jean Paul

When life presents you with a thousand reasons to cry, show that you have a thousand and one reasons to smile.

If you never get the expected smile, be generous and give yours. Because nobody has such a need for a smile, like the one who can't smile at others. Dalai Lama

Judging a person does not define who he is but who you are.

Our greatest virtue is not to never fall, but to get up every time we fall

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is just what others believe you are.

Be like an iceberg, when most of you are sunk there will always be a part that floats

Many people have difficulty managing their anxieties and fears. As a consequence, your self-esteem and safety can be affected

Depression is the inability to build a future. May roll

Until you empty your soul of everything that torments you, you cannot fill it with what will make you HAPPY.

To mature is to take care of what you say, respect what you hear and meditate what you keep silent.

A smile on my face does not mean the absence of problems, but the ability to be happy, above them.

To forgive the past is not to forget ... is to give the future a chance.

No person deserves your tears, and whoever deserves them will not make you cry. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Happiness is not to do what one wants but to want what one does. Jean Paul Sartre

Sow an act, you reap a habit. Plant a habit and you will harvest character. Sow a character and you will reap a destiny. Charles Reade

If you want your children to have their feet on the ground, place some responsibility on their shoulders.

Confidence is like an eraser, it gets smaller ... with every mistake.

Shyness is made up of the desire to please and the fear of not achieving it. Edme Beauchene

Shyness has a strange element of narcissism, the belief that our appearance and our actions are really important to others. Andre Dubus

Nature makes men look like each other and get together; education makes us different and away. Confucius

I don't know how the road will end, but I do know when to start walking.

Everything is possible, as long as you think it is possible.

That things do not go as you want, perhaps it is the best thing that can happen to you.

I am responsible for my thinking, feeling and acting, like it or not, it depends only on me ...

I'm on a flight prone to crash, and yet I keep flying ...

People could learn from their mistakes, if they weren't so busy denying them.

The insecurity of a person is measured in the number of XD they put into a chat conversation

I am interested in the future because in it I will spend the rest of my life. Nicolás Mancini

You will never reach your destination if you stop throwing stones at each dog that barks. Winston churchill

The triumph is not always to win, but never to lose heart. Napoleon Bonaparte

He who does not know what he seeks does not understand what he finds. Claude bernard

If you cry for what you don't have, you won't be able to smile for your surroundings.

A failure lasts what it takes to forget it, it is you who decides to make it permanent or not.

Life is forced change, growth is optional; choose carefully. Anonymous

The wise never says everything he thinks, but always thinks everything he says. Aristotle.

A failure lasts what it takes to forget it, it is you who decides to make it permanent or not.

Life is forced change, growth is optional; choose carefully. Anonymous

The biggest mistake a person can make is to be afraid of making a mistake. Elbert hubbard

If you love something, set it free; If it comes back to you it is yours, if it does not come back, it never was.

Although the storm is very long, the Sun will always shine again in the clouds. Khalil Gibran

Be yourself. Everyone else is already busy.

Of ninety diseases, fifty are caused by guilt and forty by ignorance.

Sheltering anger is like grabbing a boiling coal with the intention of throwing it at someone. It is oneself who ends up burning. Buddha

Do not judge the day by the harvest you have gathered, but by the seeds you have sown. Robert Louis Stevenson

One does not drown by falling into the water, drowning while remaining there. Edwin Louis Cole

Loneliness is not cause for sadness, it is cause for reflection.

There are attitudes that separate more than distance

Miracles are like dreams, if you believe in them and fight to achieve them, they come true. Norkin Gilbert

Sometimes we are afraid of loneliness because being with her usually tells us how comfortable it really is to avoid our lives.

Loneliness is admired and desired when it is not suffered, but the human need to share things is evident.

The first condition of all communication is respect.

Fear has a great shadow, and a very small stature. Ruth Gendler

Fear is the hardest emotion to overcome. The pain you cry, the anger you scream, but the fear is silently docked in your heart.

The most influential person you will talk to today is yourself. So, you look very carefully with what you say to yourself. Zig Ziglar

Angry people tend to curse, insult and speak with very high-pitched terms that reflect their inner thoughts.

Logic beats anger, because anger, even when justified, can quickly become irrational. Therefore, use cold logic

Opening your eyes ... You learn more than opening your mouth!

Don't blame people for disappointing you, better blame yourself for expecting too much from them.

You were not a waste of time. It was you who made me understand that I deserved someone much better.

A single ray of sun is enough to erase millions of shadows

I feel proud of my heart, it breaks, it recovers and it breaks again without losing its ability to love

Fight for your dreams, for your ideals. The roads are rarely full of roses, most are of thorns.

Love has a powerful brother, hate. Try not to offend the first, because the other can kill you.

Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.

Pride can make you feel strong, but it will never make you feel happy.

When you feel that all life has lost meaning, look: you will always find someone to talk to, you will always find a friend.

You only live once, but if you do well with once, enough. J.E. Lewis

He who does not want to do anything always finds excuses. He who wants to do something always finds the means.

If we do not change the direction of our steps it is very likely that we will end up getting there where we are going.

It is not necessary to say everything that is thought, what is necessary is to think everything that is said.

Many people miss the little joys while waiting for the great happiness

There is nothing more admirable than a person who speaks clearly from the beginning.

A wise doctor said: "The best medicine is love and care." Someone asked him: What if it doesn't work? He smiled and replied: "Increase the dose"

Life is like a rainbow, you need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.

Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it is learning to dance in the rain.

If you cry because you can't see the sun, tears won't let you see the stars.

Everything in life happens for a reason. Do not cling to what you will not be able to have again. Let what you deserve come to you

The man who has made a mistake and does not correct it makes another major mistake. Confucius

Never compromise your happiness or make sacrifices for someone who would not do the same for you.

Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you.

More life can be drained through the thought of a man than through an open wound. Thomas Hardy

The forest would be very quiet if only the birds that sing better sing. Henry Van Dike

When you love everything you have, you have everything you want.

Most people spend more time and energy talking about problems than facing them. Henry Ford

Moving on is not the only option ... but it is the best decision.

Obstacles are those awful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Henry Ford

Although life hits us there is no reason to leave everything, we have to get up with the same desire as when we fell and move forward with much more desire.

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