The Sadistic Personality, main characteristics

The Sadistic Personality, main characteristics

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There are people who enjoy seeing the suffering of others and, worse, being the cause of it. In many cases, this responds to a sadistic personality disorder. In this article we will see what it consists of and how to recognize it.

Characteristics of a sadistic personality

First, let's know what exactly personality is. When talking about personality in psychology, some patterns of thoughts, beliefs, ways of seeing the world and behaviors that are acquired since we are born and through our experiences are alluded to.

Not all patterns that develop are healthy, as many can be dysfunctional. This is the case of sadistic personality disorder, since people who suffer from it They are harmful to other people in your environment and cause suffering in them.

Identifying a sadistic personality is not very difficult, since the behaviors of these types of subjects are quite recognizable. They are subjects with a behavior that can become quite aggressive, crossing the limits of cruelty.

They use violence to manifest their evil, ranging from physical violence to humiliation and humiliation. Further, they feel manifest pleasure in recognizing suffering in the person they are hurting.

It is a pathological pattern that the person manifests continuously. That is to say, it is not about isolated events that would respond to another type of disorder or situation, but that it is a phenomenon that occurs regularly in the behavior of the person who suffers from it.

Cruelty would be, without a doubt, the best form of detect when a person has a sadistic personality disorder. These individuals enjoy domination for pleasure and to exert violence on third parties.

Among the most common features of the sadistic personality are that they are very prone to control situations. This means that they are controlling people and used to limit the freedom of the people around them.

In many cases, the sadistic person manifests his sadism through sex. There are many sadistic drives related to this aspect of our lives. They also tend to show an excessive interest in violence and death.

What aspects cause sadistic personality

In principle there is no scientific evidence on what are the causes of a sadistic personality disorder. What does follow is that there may be some biochemical alteration in the brain that causes these behavior patterns.

Beyond that, in this disorder there is a very strong learning component. For example, it is common in people who have lived together during childhood with abuse or violence within the family, or who have been victims of sexual abuse.

Therefore, in this type of case it would be people who develop this disorder through learning and experience. In that sense, it is a disorder other than diseases such as psychopathy, which is caused by other alterations in the brain and responds to different causes.

Even so, it is true that they are closely linked, in that the personality of a psychopath usually shows sadistic behavior. However, as we say, not all people with sadistic personality necessarily have to be psychopaths and vice versa.

The most important identifier of the sadistic personality is that get a pleasure or reward in situations of suffering caused by himself. This does not always happen in people suffering from psychopathy.

As for violence and the limits of legality, it should be known that a sadistic person does not have to commit acts outside the law to apply his harm. That is, an individual can be sadistic without violating social norms or laws.

This can cause suffering in other ways without resorting to commit crimes punishable by law. It must be taken into account that, even if they are people who enjoy the humiliation and pain of others, it does not imply that they have to commit a crime.

Even so, it is true that the people who have this type of personality disorder they usually incur more in this type of criminal acts. This is the case of, for example, serial killers, in which a tendency to have this type of disorder can be clearly seen.

Sexual assault and abuse are also related to this type of disorder. However, there is little evidence in this regard about sadistic personality, although there is a notable trend.

In short, sadistic personality is a disorder that can be caused by many aspects. The important thing before a subject with this disorder is to recognize it and, if it is part of our circle, to help control these impulses.


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