Personality biotypes and type of writing according to Sigaud

Personality biotypes and type of writing according to Sigaud

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Claudio Sigaud (1862-1921) was the founder of the French school of Graphology, divided the subjects by their external form according to the following criteria: Flat or retracted, with resistance to assimilate to the social group, and Round or dilated, which adapt easily to the environment.


  • 1 The 4 personality types of Sigaud
  • 2 Muscle type or director
  • 3 Reflective or cerebral type
  • 4 Sedentary or digestive type
  • 5 Mobile or respiratory type

The 4 personality types of Sigaud

Later he formulated a theory where he spoke of 4 personality types according to the predominance of each of the systems: respiratory, digestive, muscular and cerebral.

Sigaud, in particular, distinguishes between four types of personalities:

  • Muscle type or director.
  • Brain or reflexive type.
  • Sedentary or digestive type.
  • Mobile or respiratory type.

Muscle type or director

It presents a balance in the three areas of the body and is guided by the will and the ability to fight. It is characterized by fighting passionately in difficult situations, but wants quick solutions by addressing the problems in front.

It is physically robust, angled, prominent muscles and strong bones. The head is square or rectangular, with a firm model and angular and energetic features. The hand is strong, rectangular, hard, hot and dry, with firm fingers.

From a physical perspective it is characterized by physical and muscular strength, resistance to fatigue, while their vital reserves are recovered through a short and deep sleep.

In his physiology he emphasizes the muscular, hepatic and biliary systems.

From the mental plane presents a possessive and realistic spirit with extensive skills of acute and precise observation. Capacity for synthesis and decision, objective rational judgment.

In the affective plane it is characterized by its instinct of conquest, need for domination to be authoritarian, weak sentimentality, self-confidence, openness and righteousness, so it is estimated rather than loved.

Type of writing

The writing of a filmmaker or muscular type is fast, angular, cruciform, tight, dynamic, combative and energetic.

Reflective or cerebral type

Prevalence of the cerebral zone when guided by reflection in the field of ideas. Therefore, analyze the problems and their consequences.

Its corpulence is weak and of fragile appearance, thin bone. With a triangular head, well developed front and not very expressive features, the hand of a reflexive or cerebral type is distinguished by being thin and thin, flexible and dry, the narrow and thin palm with numerous lines.

From the physical plane his physical strength is weak that counteracts with his psychic vitality. It also presents alternation of excitations and depressions with light and agitated dreams. Its nervous system, psychic overactivity or asthenia prevails.

From a mental vision, it is characterized by having a conceptual mentality with a great capacity for analysis, concentration, creative imagination, subtlety of judgment, abstraction and introversion.

In the affective plane is impressionable to internalize their reactions.

Sentimentality alive but intellectualized. Indecision and control of your affectivity.

Type of writing

The writing is small, sometimes confusing and messy, always uneven and irregular.

Sedentary or digestive type

Prevalence of the abdominal area when guided by passivity (assimilate, execute) by having a quiet and slightly vegetative life due to the absence of problems. His way of acting is guided by the transposition of difficulties.

In its general morphology, round and bulky forms of loose and soft meats stand out. With a round and pyriform head, the hands are round, round, broad-based, moist and cold, with wide, pale lines.

From the physical plane it is characterized by its weak motor activity, indolence, lymphatic, digestive, sensory, gluttonous temperament and slow to assimilate. That is why their lymphatic, humoral and digestive systems predominate.

In the affective plane is sweet, kind, confident, dependent on others, emotional, affective and suggestible.

On the mental plane it is of weak psychic tension, receptive and intuitive.

Contemplative and guided by common sense.

Type of writing

His writing is distinguished by being slow, calm, with regularly drawn letters and swollen sticks. Sometimes fluctuating, report and wide stroke.

Mobile or respiratory type

Its general morphology is rounded or hexagonal, with a predominance of the middle zone, and It is characterized by its vitality (feel, exchange) and the search for support between its relationships.

With an oval or hexagonal head, their hands are fleshy, moist and tight, with rounded, strong and flexible contours.

In the physical plane you need movement and outdoors for your vital energy, variety in efforts and dynamics, being frequently plethoric.

The cardiopulmonary and circulatory systems predominate. It has a vagosympathetic balance and suffers from rheumatisms.

From an emotional point of view It needs exchanges and contacts Being spontaneous, enthusiastic, emotional-emotional, jovial although sometimes you may have a momentary bad mood. It is guided by living the present moment, it is made to love and admire, and it is essentially social.

On the mental level, he has a variable mental exaltation, of living intelligence and quite superficial, concrete and, sometimes, disorderly.

Type of writing

His writing is agitated, round, wide, elongated and lush with loops, scrolls and ornaments due to imagination and enthusiasm.