The dowry of the three brides

The dowry of the three brides

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Old Moneybags made it known that he would give each of his daughters a dowry equivalent to his weight in gold so that they quickly got suitable suitors.

They all got married the same day and before being heavy, they all ate an extremely heavy wedding cake, which made the bride and groom very happy.

Overall the brides weighed 396 pounds. Nellie weighed 10 pounds more than Kitty and Minnie weighed 10 pounds more than Nellie. One of the boyfriends, John Brown, weighed as much as his girlfriend, while William Jones weighed once and a half the weight of his girlfriend and Charles Robinson weighed twice as much as his girlfriend. Brides and grooms together weighed 1000 pounds.

The riddle consists in saying the full names of each of the brides after the wedding. (Remember that in the United States, the wife takes the husband's last name.)


The married names of the three girlfriends are Kitty Brown, Nellie Jones and Minnie Robinson.

Kitty weighed 122 pounds, Nellie 132 pounds and Minnie 142 pounds.