Who is the oldest?

Who is the oldest?

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Ana, Berta, and Carla participate in a competition in which the following results are given:

  • 1. The youngest of the three received the least number of points.
  • 2. Berta got half the points of the oldest girl.
  • 3. Carla received as many points as the other two together.

Who is the oldest of the three?


The oldest is Ana. Berta can not be because it receives half the points that the greater. If it were Carla, upon receiving the sum of the points of the other two (according to point 3), it would mean that Berta and Ana had drawn the same points (according to point 2) which contradicts point 1, so that the greater is Ana, the smallest is Berta and therefore Carla is the median and who scored the most points.