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What time is it? II

What time is it? II

Since I forgot the clock when I left the house, I decided to ask the time for a kind gentleman who passes through the street.

  • Can you tell me the time, please?
  • The man looked at his watch and replied: From this moment on, the hour hand will take three times as long as the minute hand to reach number 6.
  • I stay thoughtful and answer him. I don't have enough information to know the exact time.
  • And the gentleman answers me. It's true, it's time for tea.
  • Thank you very much, now I know the time.

And you? Do you know what time it is?


There are two times when the hour hand takes triple the minute hand to reach 6. This is at 5:15 where it will take 15 minutes for the minute hand to reach 6 and the hour hand 45 minutes (triple ) and at 3:45 where the minute hand will take 45 minutes to bequeathed and the hour hand triple, that is 135 minutes. As they tell us it's time for tea, The correct answer is 5:15.