Famous phrases of Jack Donovan

Famous phrases of Jack Donovan

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Jack donovan He is a writer and prominent activist in favor of masculinity and the rights of man. He is very critical of third wave feminism, advocating equality before the law and differentiated roles in society. Hated and admired at the same time, this author has published works such as The Way of Men, A Sky Without Eagles, Androphilia or Becoming a Barbarian, among other titles.

In these books, Jack donovan, define and describe the masculinity from a group of tactical virtues which has oriented and inspired many mens within a western society that increasingly turns them aside and relegates them to a condition of second-class citizens. The Way of Men,Above all, it has been his most successful book.

The original book is in English. However, a Chilean group, called Pancriollist Research Circle, has made a translation of the book into Spanish.

Jack donovan defends tribalism as opposed to a mass society, paganism, as opposed to Judeo-Christian religion and a society of strong men, with differential roles between sexes.

Certainly a very character controversial Y claim, with which we don't necessarily have to agree. However, if you dare, you can learn more about him and his thoughts, through the following famous phrases.

Famous phrases of Jack Donovan

“Courage is a triumph over fear. Courage is associated with the heart, disposition, impetuousness, but it is also a stimulus for struggle and victory. ”

"The men of ideas and the men of action have much to learn from each other, and the truly notable are men of action and abstraction."

“Masculinity is like intelligence. You can be really smart, but some development is needed. ”

"Anything you can do to develop virtues and skills makes you a more useful man."

"A man who is more concerned with being a good man than being a good man, is a very well educated slave."

“Strength, courage, dexterity and honor are the" alpha "virtues of men. The fundamental masculine virtues are considered, because without them none of the "superior" virtues can be cultivated. You have to be alive to philosophize. You can add other virtues or create rules and moral codes that restrict them; but if they completely exclude them from the equation, they are not only leaving behind the specific virtues of men, but they are abandoning the virtues that made civilization possible. ”

“To protect and serve their own interests, the rich and privileged have used pacifists and feminists to promote masculinity that has nothing to do with being good at being a man, and everything to do with what they consider a" good man". His version of a good man is that of a male isolated from his colleagues, sensitive, easy to handle and tactically inept. ”

"For a society to function, it must first survive."

“Men cannot be men, who will say good or heroic men, unless their actions have significant consequences for those with whom they really care. Physical strength requires reaction to the opposite tension, courage requires exposure to risk, skill requires hard work, honor requires availability for other men. Without these things, we will not be much more than brats playing to be men, and there is no weekend retreat, nor mantra, nor half a rite of change to change it. To be more than a playhouse, the rite of initiation must reflect a real change in status and responsibility. It does not have a masculinity of reformed convenience capable of being proud of itself as long as the earth remains the grave of our ancestors. ”

“The largest immigrant population in Europe, (Muslims) and the largest immigrant population in America (Mexicans) have high birth rates and patriarchal cultures. When the family is devalued and women seek happiness and satisfaction in the workplace, they have fewer children and have them later in life. ”

"If a population that adopts feminism necessarily ages and decreases, while competing with non-feminist cultures that surround and grow and prosper ... Does feminism work?"