Therapeutic aphorisms for those who wish to guide and teach

Therapeutic aphorisms for those who wish to guide and teach

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These famous aphorisms and phrases are especially indicated for those people who try to help others, whether from a professional or personal level.

With them, interested parties can deepen the help function boosting its capabilities innate or maybe even latent. "For a suggestion to be effective, one must move from emotion to reason, not the other way around." G. Nardone.

Aphorisms that serve as a guide

The teacher is the fair synthesis of natural disposition and constant exercise. Protagoras

Before convincing the intellect, it is essential to touch and predispose the heart. B. Pascal

Good results are obtained by always putting yourself in the place of gold and thinking about what one would do if it had been the other. A. C. Doyle.

If you want to persuade someone, do it with the same arguments. Aristotle.

The true teacher constantly learns the lessons he teaches. J. Hyams

Being a good model is the best way to help.

If you are looking for a good teacher, along with his theories study his life: if you do not like both, look for another.

Before judging a sermon, you have to assess the pulpit from which it is preached.

The true teacher does not show his art, he shares it with you. Ed Parker

Education builds trust. Trust generates hope. Hope generates peace. Confucius.

The function of education is to teach to think intensely and critically. Form intelligence and character, that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King Jr.

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is a day with a great teacher. Japanese proverb

Words are like bullets. L. Wittgenstein.

The word is sharper than the sword. Chinese wisdom

The seriousness of an adversary is disarmed with laughter and laughter with seriousness. Gorgias

Study words from things, not things from words. Misone

Be very clear what you are going to say: the words will come alone. Cato

A clear and perfect speech is conditioned by four things: by what must be said, by what must be said, by the people to be addressed and by the time in which it must be said. What needs to be said must seem useful to the listener, what must be said must be neither more nor less than what is enough to be understood, as for the people to whom it is addressed, it must be taken into account , and as for time, we must speak at the right time, neither before nor after. Otherwise you will not speak well and go straight to failure. Plato.

The great talent comes, more than from the intellectual elements and from a social refinement superior to that of others, from the power to transmit them, to invest them. M. Proust.

You don't really understand something unless you are able to explain it to your grandmother. A. Einstein

It is the attention to the small and seemingly insignificant details that reveals the features of a person. To capture the depth of a person, considering that it exists, it must pass through its surface. And, on the surface, the most revealing are uncontrolled expressions, not imposted attitudes and behaviors that only idiots tend not to control.

Education is not the preparation for life; It is life itself. J. Dewey

A good teacher, like a good actor, must first capture the attention of his audience and then he can teach his lesson. J. H. Clarke.

Teachers inspire, entertain and end up learning a lot from them even if you don't realize it. N. Sparks.

Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire. W. B. Yeats.

Optimum speaker is one who speaks instructs, delights and at the same time touches the mood of his listeners. Cicero.

When you want to reprimand a person effectively and show him that he is deceived, we must see from what perspective he considers the matter. Well, generally, seen from that angle is fair, and you have to recognize that truth, but you also have to show the other angle from which it is false. And he will be content with this because he will see that he was not deceived and that his only mistake has been not to have seen all the angles of the matter. B. Pascal

You have to put yourself in the shoes of those who must listen to us and test in your own heart the effect that the turn that will be given to the speech will have to see if one is made for the other, and if you can be sure that the listener will You will be forced to give up! B. Pascal

The care of the disease can be a totally impersonal fact. Patient care must be a totally personal fact. F. W. Peabody.

No one can understand well and assimilate something if he has learned it from another, as much as he would if he had learned it by himself. Discards

The thoughts of an author must enter the spirit like the light in the eyes, with pleasure and without effort; Metaphors must be like a crystal that protects objects but allows them to be seen. Voltaire

If you want to reach an agreement, start asking before proposing.

If you want to convince others, you must seem willing to be convinced.

And if you want to see what pleases someone, without hearing him talk, talk to him by varying the subject, and wherever you would see him being alert without scolding or moving his eyebrow or other various actions, be sure that the subject in question is what He likes me. Leonardo da Vinci.

Many words are not always a sign of much wisdom. Talete

Who exhibits does not shine, who reaffirms does not manifest. F. Jullien

Without theory, practice is blind, as blind is theory without practice. Protagoras

The dishonesty of a thinker is recognized by the number of exact ideas he affirms. E. M. Cioran.

Waste energy and time who plays classical music or speaks of philosophy to a mule.

Most people listen with the intention of responding, not with the desire to understand. A. C. Doyle.

Any relationship that does not raise rebate, and vice versa. F. Nietzsche.

It is not the tyrants who believe they are oppressed, but vice versa. H. Maturana

There are no impossible patients, but incapable therapists. D. D. Jackson.

It is proper for censures to accredit the opinions they attack. Voltaire

The intelligent likes to instruct, the stupid to instruct. A. P. Cechow.

The really big person doesn't exhibit it because he doesn't need it.

An unsolicited help not only does not help, but it hurts.

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