Technological dependence

Technological dependence

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With this article I only intend to lead the reader to reflect on how interpersonal relationships and social life in general were without the “help” of technology, taking into account that we are imbued in a world that makes us more and more Facilist


  • 1 The new technologies
  • 2 When globalization did not exist yet
  • 3 Dependence signals

The new technologies

What in principle appears as a new device that only a few can access, with the passage of time and in an increasingly accelerated way, begins to play an indispensable part in people's daily lives, because due to the rapid progress and growth in the market, its acquisition becomes easier, becoming necessary elements for life. With the above we see how the new generations lead a totally different lifestyle to what it would be a few decades ago, because the medium demands to be at the forefront and somehow we are forced to participate in everything that computer science and its advances offer us daily, and although I do not intend to make judgments about the enormous benefits that are obtained, if it is necessary to mention as gradually and almost imperceptibly, either by trial error or thanks to the help of third parties, we learn and comply with the demands of the environment; or, to those who have not demanded a computer job, who have not been required to send their resume via e-mail and with a scanned photograph, not to mention the innumerable procedures that can only be done virtually. Who does not know subjects who carry out almost all their activity with a computer, who live surrounded by electronic devices, for whom the mobile phone and email are part of their identity and who in their leisure time escape in video games, digital channels TV, betting on the Internet, etc ...

What concerns psychology and therefore my article are the cognitive and behavioral aspects involved in this process of technological adaptation, to what extent it becomes a necessity, generating a dependence and ultimately a pathology.

When globalization did not exist yet

Do you remember what a family walk was like, twenty years ago, or imagine those of your parents in case your age does not reach you?

I remember some of mine, where the best of the plans was to visit the grandmother and on Sunday the unquestionable plan was to walk to the farm, carrying the utensils that would be used for lunch, that delicious stew made by the grandmother in a stove improvised with four stones at the edge of the river, we had fun running, jumping, singing, without any worries, we only took what was necessary and before leaving all the recommendations and warnings to prevent inconvenience, in case of needing to establish long-term communication distance, the route to the only public telephone in the sector was strenuous. Well, and after enjoying a quiet walk and being exhausted from playing, we returned to our house with a great desire to receive news from Grandma soon, which of course became a monthly task, going through the post offices and experiencing great happiness. when we found that grandma or a relative had sent us a letter.

Now think about your last vacation, they would not be the same if during the trip you are not accompanied by any type of music player be walkman, discman and in the best case an mp3 or iPod where you do not need to load discs or similar, when not You are listening to music, you will surely be talking to one of your friends on the cell phone, and when you get to the place, the first thing you will find is an Internet cafe, where you will connect frequently to check your e-mail or to chat and stay in constant communication with acquaintances or strangers , the walk is not the same if the place where they go does not have a minimum TV, and if there is no DVD, then cable where you have the possibility to choose a channel. Finally when you return from your trip you will notice that I do not miss anyone and nobody missed him, everyone knows exactly what he did and at the time he did it, for this reason he will have nothing to tell, besides not having enjoyed the new space because He preferred to spend hours on the Internet and on other occasions he thought the movie they were going through better and decided not to go out.

Dependence signals

To advance the issue it is necessary to present a definition of dependence and clarify the difference with respect to addiction.

Addiction is a compulsive activity, it means that an individual can no longer feel comfortable or relaxed without the use of a drug. This mechanism has little or nothing to do with the body, but much with the feelings of fear, pain, shame, guilt, loneliness, anxiety, etc. In these cases the drug is used to forget the problems that should be solved.

It is called addiction to the set of psychic disorders characterized by:

  • An impulse that cannot be controlled.
  • A tendency to reiteration.
  • A harmful implication for the subject.

The most known addictions are those related to legal drugs (alcohol, tobacco, coffee, drugs) and illegal drugs (opiates, cannabis, cocaine, stimulants ...) but there are also drug addictions to various legal activities (play, sex, TV, work , shopping ...) illegal (theft, fire, etc.)

Condition in which a drug or external element, produces feelings of satisfaction and an emotional impulse that requires its periodic or continuous administration to produce pleasure or avoid discomfort. "In psychic dependence there are no physiological disorders to abruptly suspend consumption. However , the individual feels the irrepressible need to maintain his behavior.

According to the previous definitions we can observe that when talking about dependence, it refers more to the uncontrollable desire to consume something or perform some activity, generating dissatisfaction if a need is not supplied, and causing the subject to experience unpleasant feelings or anxiety while the Addiction completely compromises the will is uncontrollable being considered as a psychic disorder.

For this reason I prefer to talk about a technological dependence because we have reached an era where technologies and living beings go hand in hand and where each new device is an extension or improvement of human functions at large levels, which are linked in the daily life undergoing an artificialization process where the artificial has become part of the natural.

Although apparently and At first, technological advances facilitated communication and interpersonal relationships. taking into account that they were used to contact close family members or friends who were far away, from one moment to another the relations became impersonal, although it is true that the distances are shortened, it was not necessary to shorten to that point to speak for a device a few meters away, or to avoid a call or a visit on a friend's birthday preferring to send a text message and fulfilling the commitment, in this way they maintain a communication from nearby people in a distant way.

Now I have a concern, we know that the subjects that frequent the chats and mailing lists have in common the search for social estimation, the needs of affiliation, shyness, finding on the net the possibility of freeing oneself from the anxiety produced by face-to-face social relationships, gaining in self-confidence, given the relative anonymity that the Internet provides, or the ease of being able to create a character to the measure itself and become the ideal self of oneself. and that they can generate behavioral patterns similar to those of the pathological game or bulimia; However, what I find worrying is the loss of social skills in those who possess them and are forgetting the feeling of warmth, close belonging and involvement of the body, resulting in improper and distant interpersonal relationships.

Perhaps, the interesting thing is to observe in the future how a social life will take place, although although human beings are the ones who develop the technologies, they grow by themselves by leaps and bounds and surely in a short time they will become a body without the need to be used by the human being.

Laura Andrea Ramírez Bernal